Qhayiya Production Group’s vision is to create a strong and sustainable business process in exhibitions & publication industry in South Africa. To contribute to the national job market and Growth Domestic Product.

QPG mission is to actively represent its members’ collective interests and promote the growth and development of the broader business fraternity in South Africa. Qhayiya Production Group is a private company managed by a team of outstanding and multi-skilled professionals with technical skills, hands on experience, authority and an overall proactive and professional commitment to its clients. It is a team effort that makes it possible for the group to take on and deliver on the needs and requests of its diverse client base.


Solid, strategic thinking, transformation output, and actionable, original insights. These are some of the phrases used by our clients to describe our work.

They say this because we offer them authoritative guidance, rigorous methodologies and a way of collaborating that always places them at the centre of all decisions made and agreed actions.Qhayiya Production Group’s promise is a simple one: to help clients realize their future by delivering business, brand, digital and innovation strategies that work.

I think the culture at Qhayiya Production Group is central to our success and, for me two aspects of working here are key. The first is professionalism and a mindset to explore new and better ways of doing things. We pride ourselves in finding innovative and efficient solutions to the issues our clients are facing. The second is teamwork and a supportive working environment – this is a group that thrives on people who enjoy working together to achieve results for our clients. We thrive on the challenges of an intensely competitive business landscape and we enjoy helping clients to be successful.

Business have arguably been at the forefront of developing corporate responses to societal challenges such as community health, literacy and skills development – and not always solely through their CSI initiatives. We are seeing a growing number of effective partnerships between businesses, government and civil society bodies. Across most sectors, companies are identifying and implementing opportunities aimed at reducing unemployment and poverty, as well as an increasing involvement in the uptake of Business. This is why Qhayiya Production group continues to play an influential role in the development and implementation of a range of community corporate sustainability initiatives.

For me it lies in being part of making a difference in people’s lives. There is two-fold value in working at Qhayiya Production Group. Firstly, the phenomenal quality of our publications and products that the company produces; secondly, that the group is a local organization deeply involved with the creation of the local business consulting environment in this country. Our approach affords clients to confidently asses, develop, align and manage future business plans in ways that will distinguish them from competition.


If you like what you see in this website I would strongly encourage you to make contact, Qhayiya Production Group may be a good fit for your business needs.



The company is mainly under Mongezi Mbebe’s leadership; supported by a team of multi-skilled professionals. Our company comprises a stringently selected team of individuals that collectively brings many years of national hands on experience, technical skills, dedication and proactive and professional commitment to its clients.

  • Qhayiya Production Group is a 100% black owned Consultancy service company based in Cape Town, Western Cape.
  • The company was founded by Mr Mongezi Mbebe.
  • The company has a staff compliment of three.
  • The company is founded on the fundamental values of Empowerment and Wealth Creation to all its stakeholders


All company activities are guided by comprehensive research, the result being innovative and functional developments which redefine the way people live. Qhayiya Production Group conducts its business on the basis of clearly defined business principles. Qhayiya Production Group has a culture of integrity, accountability and sound business practice


New local and international laws place an onerous duty on the private sector to adopt a comprehensive compliance framework and implement effective risk management procedures. Companies have to pass strict due diligence scrutiny to show that they are combating corruption and institutionalising ethical business practices.

Our commitment to responsible business practice and ethics is driven by an appreciation that good business practice is sustainable success in the Business world. As a group that operates in different business sectors and environments, our diversity strategy is informed by each client’s specific imperatives where issues of equality all come into play. We continuously evaluate our approach against desired outcomes and look for ways to further drive inclusivity in our workforce, forming partnerships through consultative interventions and capacity building.


Qhayiya Production Group activities are guided by policies and guidelines which involve a methodological system of managing and controlling all aspects of implementing our projects

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Exhibition, Events, Manufacture and Construction

Corporate Social Events

Point Of Sale Design

Portable Exhibition systems

Custom Signage Design

Publishing of Books

Waste Management

ICTS Endpoint backup and data protection

Accommodation with Travel and Tours Services

We have project management skills and specialized suppliers which are necessary to ensure that high impact projects happen on time and within budget.

Qhayiya Production Group constructs and delivers exhibition/publishing services that work for our client’s specific marketing or promotional needs. Our clients return on investment is of paramount experience to us.

Whatever your needs contact us today and we will assess your requirements and create a solution which best meets your needs and budget.


Our Clients/ Partners/ Affiliates


Qhayiya Production Group aims to build and nurture long-term relationships with its client base by providing outstanding and reliable service. This is achieved by continuously improving on communication, and delivering products of exceptional quality.


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